The TOOLING 4G project is the result of a collective and strategic dynamic of the companies and entities of the associated scientific and technological system in the Engineering & Tooling cluster

The Modseat project aims to devise an innovative, modular, versatile and customisable regional and inter-city train seat through the use of new materials and processes.

The project partners, all the members of the Aeronautics sectorial commission of the AED – Aeronautics Space and Defense (AED Cluster Portugal), naturally constitutes a very broad structure, with an extensive base of skills and experience in the fields of activity do project.

The kick-off for this project was based on previous R&D activities, which culminated in the development of a PPE for avoiding contamination COVID-19.

Innovative project aimed at producing and marketing on a global scale more ecological, more digital and more inclusive packaging solutions.

Following the development of the EPI, the main objective of this project (CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-181248) is now to refine the numerical modelling and experimental validation of prototypes, to improve the protection indices.

  • Flexcraft was born from the newface  project’s Utility concept with the goal of seamlessly upgrading the critical technologies of this concept – configuration, flexibility solutions and production processes and materials.

SETsa is a constantly participating in the most innovative and ambitious R&D projects, searching to continuously skills, develop new ones and be a part a value added to the future.